Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thank you Memory Manager!

I was hoping to post regularly to the scrappin' blog... but my computer decided to check out! Yes, one day, I turned on the power button and all I got was a black screen. None of the usual whirling noises, none of the flashing lights... just a glowing power light and no picture! I took it in for service. It's never good when the techie says "yea, you got a problem" and "no way this is a virus".

So I am coming to you via my new wide screen laptop... love the wide screen by the way. This screen is almost as big as my monitor and using Storybook Creator Plus is a dream with this large screen! But what I'm really excited about is Memory Manager! I love that Memory Manager reminds me to backup my pictures! I love that it also keeps a shadow copy of my memory vault. All my photo editing and journalling ... saved and recoverable! Without those reminders, the procrastinator in me would have put off backing up to a day when "there was more time". Losing my computer was just a mere inconvience, rather than a true disaster thanks to having my photos backup!

So, Friends, BACKUP! Use Memory Manager and backup your Memory Vaults! Don't forget to keep backups of your Storybook Contents and projects. Remember to print hard copies of your activation codes! Thank you Creative Memories for such wonderful products that really helped "save the day!"

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